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Trucking Alliance Carriers Can Help Shippers Reduce Liability Risks

Shippers should weigh their liability risks when selecting a freight carrier. For example, a truck driver who abuses illegal drugs while operating a tractor trailer is a lethal safety combination. Shippers must be assured that their carriers employ drivers who are well trained, well rested and drug free.

Federal law requires commercial airline pilots, truck drivers, engineers and others employed in “safety sensitive occupations” to avoid illegal drugs. They must pass pre-employment and random urine drug tests. But, drug abuse among truck drivers is on the rise. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), reports that in 2021, cocaine and marijuana use among truck drivers increased 10.4% and 5.3% over the previous year.

But, Trucking Alliance drivers are less likely to use illegal drugs. They pass their urine drug tests 269% more frequently than the national truck driver population. Why? Trucking Alliance carriers drivers ask applicants to also pass a hair drug test, since this method has a longer detection window for illegal drug use than a urine exam. Drug abusers likely avoid these companies. They apply at companies that require only a urine exam.

Trucking Alliance carriers help shippers avoid a potential liability risk, employing drivers who are more likely to be drug free.