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The United States depends on a seamless supply chain, that relies on rail, air, water, and highway to ship the goods upon which our economy depends. But only one mode of transportation (the over-the-road truck driver) transports every product somewhere along the way, from origin to delivery.


Industry Breakdown:

“For Hire” Companies (transports freight for third party shippers)

  • Independent Contractors/Owner Operators (1 or 2 trucks) 350,000
  • Trucking Companies (2 to 20 trucks) 145,000
  • Trucking Companies (more than 20 trucks) 5,000

“Private” Carriers (transport their own goods)

  • Private Fleets (i.e. Tyson Foods, Anheuser-Busch) 200,000

Total number of Carriers 700,000

Number of Trucks

Local Delivery Trucks 10,000,000

Tractor/Trailers 3,000,000

Total 13,000,000 1

‘For Hire’ Trucking Revenue

Gross Freight Revenue (2022) $940 Billion 2


Transportation and transportation-related industries employ more than 13.3 million people, accounting for 9.1 percent of workers in the United States. 3

Trucking companies account for an estimated 1.2 million operational, management, and professional drivers. 4

Trucking Alliance member companies employ a more diverse population than the industry. 5


  • Trucking Alliance: 10%
  • Industry: 7%


  • Trucking Alliance: 49%
  • Industry: 41%

1 The Trucking Alliance
2 American Trucking Associations
3 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
4 Independent contractors are self-employed and not included in total employment.
5 as of April, 2022