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Road to Zero Coalition Supports Objectives of Transportation Legislation

Road to Zero Coalition Statement on New Transportation & Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Road to Zero Coalition applauds the newly released Moving Forward Framework and its recognition of “zero” as a part of its goal. Improving and innovating safety programs and increasing infrastructure funding is a critical step to reaching zero deaths. Nearly 40,000 people were killed in roadway crashes last year and each one of them was preventable. Zero deaths is the only acceptable number. Investing in the nation’s roads prioritizes the safety of all roadway users. Prioritizing safety is one of the key elements to eliminating traffic fatalities including to

  1. Doubling down on what works through proven, evidence-based actions
  2. Advancing life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure
  3. Adopting a Safe System approach in building a transportation system designed to be forgiving so that human error does not have to be fatal.

We must create a positive safety culture and stop accepting deaths as the price of mobility. We call on Congress to endorse this too.

More Information of the Road to Zero Coalition is here 

(The Trucking Alliance serves on the Road to Zero Steering Group, one of 17 organizations that help guide the Road to Zero Coalition, more than 1,000 government agencies, organizations, businesses, associations, cities and counties that believe the United States can eliminate all traffic fatalities.)