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KLLM to Join the Trucking Alliance

Washington, D.C.
KLLM Transport Services (KLLM) has accepted an invitation to join the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (The Trucking Alliance), beginning in 2017.

KLLM is the 36th largest US trucking company and second (2nd) largest temperature controlled carrier in the nation. The company is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.

“KLLM is committed to creating a safer work environment for truck drivers,” said Kevin Knight, Executive Chairman of Knight Transportation in Phoenix, Arizona, and vice president of the Trucking Alliance. “The company’s leadership will be a tremendous asset to the Alliance as we work toward advancing needed safety reforms in our industry,”

Jim Richards, president and CEO of KLLM who began his career with the company in 1986, will serve on the Trucking Alliance Board of Directors. “We have an unofficial motto here to ‘either do it right or don’t do it at all’ and the Trucking Alliance is working for the right safety reforms in the freight transportation industry,” said Richards. “KLLM is happy to join this select group of carriers and work together to achieve safety objectives that can make our highways safer for both truck drivers and the general public.”

Richards added that Wilson Risinger, KLLM’s Vice President of Safety and Security, will join the Alliance’s Advisory Group, a committee that assists the board of directors with analysis and recommendations on safety regulations and proposals.

In addition to advocating federal safety policies, Trucking Alliance member companies are asked to support six operating principles, all of which exceed current minimum federal regulations for motor carriers, but can ensure greater highway safety.

Steve Williams, chairman/CEO of Maverick USA and Trucking Alliance president, commented that a small number of additional carriers are being invited to join the Alliance in 2017. “We’re gratified that KLLM and other businesses are joining the Alliance to help us pass proposals that can reduce the number of large truck accidents and injuries on our nation’s highways,” said Williams.

In addition to KLLM, the Trucking Alliance recently announced that North Carolina-based Cargo Transporters and Aon Transportation & Risk Solutions, a national truck insurance brokerage, are affiliating in 2017. Williams said that he expects further press announcements in the coming weeks.

About KLLM Transport Services

KLLM Transport Services, LLC, specializes in transporting refrigerated and other products, such as food, medical supplies, paper products, chemicals and cosmetics, throughout North America. In 2013, Frozen-Food Express, a Texas-based refrigerated carrier, was merged into KLLM and the company is now the second largest temperature controlled carrier in the United States.

KLLM employs 2,500people, operates more than 4,000 power units and 7,500 trailers, and has approximately 2,000 independent contractors throughout the United States. Freight services include over-the-road truckload, regional freight delivery, dedicated contracts, intermodal and logistics capabilities. More information on KLLM can be found at